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The Latest S-word: Tony Stark.
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The Scare-Words Podcast #02: The Purge / VHS2

We did another one! And Dom didn't get scared. It's our preparation and reactions to a double feature: The Purge and VHS2. Enjoy!

Stuff #41: A Boy Child

An old recording we never released (aka. Kevin forgot this episode) about Man of Steel, weddings, running, and what we did... in the summer.

Tony Stark

We review Iron Man 3 and discuss some of our thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic universe. Also, Surgeon Simulator.

Music: My Iron Lung by Radiohead

The Scare-Words Podcast #01: The House of the Devil

The first of our S-Words Scarror/Terror Thursday series in which Kevin and Dom watch a scary movie and then have a discussion afterwards. This week: Ti West's The House of the Devil. We also discuss football and Amnesia.

Summer Movies of 2013

We take a look at the Summer Movies for 2013 and our favorites of times past. Also, catch a special moment where Kevin's dog Dusty throws up! Good times!

Intro Music: Opening from Jurassic Park

Outro Music: X-Training from X-Men: First Class

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