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The Latest S-word: Tony Stark.
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The Scare-Words Podcast #04: PT/It Follows/The Thing (1982)

Ooooga booga booga! We managed to find some time to watch a few more scary movies together. Kevin got excited to see It Follows (and the results were surprising), while Dom finally got to see John Carpenter's The Thing (a movie he was afraid to see as a child).

John also joined in and played PT before we began. Special appearances by Rebekah (ever on the podcast before?) and Lawrence (also rarely on the show).

Intro/Outro Music: Theme from Hotline Miami 2

The Scare-Words Podcast #03: Afflicted / Oculus

Spooo~ky! We go through another Scare Words double feature and managed to scare Dom right out of the room!

The Scare-Words Podcast #02: The Purge / VHS2

We did another one! And Dom didn't get scared. It's our preparation and reactions to a double feature: The Purge and VHS2. Enjoy!

Stuff #41: A Boy Child

An old recording we never released (aka. Kevin forgot this episode) about Man of Steel, weddings, running, and what we did... in the summer.

Tony Stark

We review Iron Man 3 and discuss some of our thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic universe. Also, Surgeon Simulator.

Music: My Iron Lung by Radiohead

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