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Scraps #3: A Man and His Blob

We go through the overly large Scraps list and just try to do as much as we can per two-minute Scraps segment. Sometimes we do well. Often we get sidetracked.
Ok. I lied. We sidetrack through pretty much every topic.
Intro/Outro Music: Scott Pilgrim by Plumtree

Stuff #37/38: It’s a Sucking Contest

We do a quick round of catching up! It’s just your usual core hosts this time. We talk about walls, T-boning, and the Giants. And none of us saw TRON Legacy.
Intro/Outro Music: Get it Together by The Go! Team

Season’s Greetings

We have our holiday episode, even though not all of us celebrate the winter holidays in the same way. We discuss first Christmases, lights, fake Christmas trees, how Dom was left off the Kris Kringle list, Christmas movies, Tim Allen, and the Gahdians of Ga’Hoole.
Intro/Outro Music: On the Rebound by Floyd Cramer

Stuff #36: Anime Destiny

We just talk about our old Anime Club’s history and the stories that we hopefully haven’t shared before. It’s really Cal Animage Alpha history, but also somewhat in relation to the club’s on-campus convention/meetup called Anime Destiny. Enjoy the stories as we pretty much naturally had this conversation without much layout or staging the show.
Find [...]

Starcraft II

To celebrate the release of the long, long-awaited strategy game Stacraft II, Dom gathered a crack team of experts: Lawrence, Danny, and someone who is Hung. Hear Lawrence’s war stories about being a jerk to confused newbies! Listen to Danny as he talks about the game mere minutes after touching it for the very [...]

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