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Stuff & Suggestions #11: Mad Cakes

This week the stuff segment takes a look at our top 5 X-Men characters in anticipation of the upcoming Wolverine movie. Also, Dom fancies Asians on TV. Andy plays with comic technicalities. Lita is constantly looking for For loops. And Kevin reveals his thing for Anna Paquin.
Intro/Outro Music: X-Men (Animated) Theme by Shuki Levy

Jason Statham

The originally scheduled Jason Statham episode is here and the Dr. Seuss episode is now on a hiatus until we figure out what to do with it. In the meantime, Dom and Kevin finally catch Crank 2 (with Amy, but she is out this week), so the movie discussion is a bit limited. We do [...]


A comic book episode. Took us long enough. This week we take a look at the evolution of Spider-man, the movies, the television shows, the merchandise, and the other silly bits. We also take a look at a variety of Top 5 lists with regards to Spider-man, but that’s a little bit later. New guest [...]

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